We had a few turnovers there at crunch time and we have to learn from that. That can be the difference between a playoff team and a middle of the road team. Basketball is a game of little things and we didn't do the little things very well tonight.

It was the same thing we prepared for for two games now. We tried a box-and-one on Anthony Rivers, who is their leading scorer, and we used some triangle-and-two on Rivers and Hatcher. But as coaches we can only tell the players what we want them to do, we can't go out and make the plays for them. They have to do a better job of listening.

When you're only shooting 12, I expect a much higher percentage. Twelve of 12 isn't that hard to do. They didn't all come at the end of the game, but those missed foul shots are huge when you realize it was a six-point game near the end of it.