Right now, it's a very emerging market [with a] very limited number of use cases, but I think that will grow over time.

The Java services are not quite mature enough for full EAI, ... This technology is going to be essential, and companies will want it in-house.

The first wave was ... companies automating their procurement processes. The second wave, happening right now, is trading communities, ... The next wave is going to be like the Chicago Commodities Exchange: instant fulfillment done completely on the fly.

This will have the most effect on integration and portal markets, where there [are] not really good open source products on the market.

You could definitely link complex event processing into a service-oriented network.

It's a threat that they are trying to make into a friend.

The biggest obstacle is people are pretty nervous about exposing things on the mainframe as a Web service that anybody can access.

I think this product is good because it has so many options for getting things out of the mainframe.