I made a bad pitch to Lee in the first inning, and then it started to become a struggle.

But when you get into the flow of the game and get the adrenaline going, then that kind of stuff leaves.

Put it this way, when you play for the Rockies, you have no other choice but to go out there and compete, ... When you have a chance to pitch here three times a year, max, you don't mind missing that. You just have to concede the fact there are going to be base runners and runs scored and just make pitches when you have to.

My curveball wasn't great tonight. I got a majority of my outs on my fastball, but I kept them off-balance with my changeup.

This is not the ideal place to come back from the DL.

It's like, come on, he needs to go somewhere where he has a chance to win. Let everybody see how great a player this guy is.

The third inning is when the struggle started. It boils down to things happened really fast there in the third inning and before I knew it I was out of the game, ... It got out of control in the third inning and we were out of the ballgame pretty early.

I feel very good about my delivery right now. I really haven't felt great all spring, but tonight is as good as I've felt.

Hey, anything can happen.