Shawn Colvin
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"Shawn Colvin" is an American singer-songwriter and musician widely known for her Grammy-winning 1997 single "Sunny Came Home."

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Music is a healing force. That's what good art is. That's what art is. I shouldn't say 'good' because that's an entirely personal call. It's magic, ... What is music? Where does it come from? We have the ability to take these instruments and voices and make these notes with them and do these things with them. What the heck is that? It's magic. It does what nothing else can do.

Without music, I could not get through.

I think when you have a record that makes money, there's pressure, sure, ... The label wanted another big seller, and I did, too.

Sunny Came Home.

I was involved in all of it.

I told her we're not as proud of that in public as we are at home. She looked around and said it's OK because everyone there was Chinese. I guess, in her mind, she farted in English.

We do family stuff, ... Tonight we're in Santa Rosa, and then we drive all night to Anaheim, which is good news for my daughter ‚ because you know what's there. We do family stuff. We went to Sea World in San Diego, and we figure out stuff to do. And if not, there's always the hotel pool.