Shaun Cassidy
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"Shaun Paul Cassidy" is an American television producer/creator, screenwriter, and former actor and singer. He is the eldest son of Academy Award-winning singer-actress Shirley Jones and Tony Award-winning singer-actor Jack Cassidy. His older half-brother is singer/actor David Cassidy.

In the late-1970s, Cassidy was a popular singer and actor. He starred in the television series The Hardy Boys Mysteries, and the short-lived Breaking Away (TV series)/Breaking Away. He had a number of hit records, and did numerous arena tours nationwide. In the 1980s Cassidy had a three-month stint on the daytime soap General Hospital and acted on Broadway theatre/Broadway and in the West End of London. Since the mid-1990s, Cassidy has worked exclusively as a writer/producer in television, creating a number of critically acclaimed television series, including American Gothic (TV series)/American Gothic, Roar (TV series)/Roar (with Heath Ledger in his American debut), and Invasion (TV series)/Invasion.

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