Someone has taken all of this away from me and everyone who loves her.

I think that my sister's head is probably rolling around in the bottom of the bay.

I never liked you, ... You're going to burn in hell.

Why did he have to kill her?

I know that someone knows where Laci is -- and I'm pleading with you, please, please let her come home to us. You can send an anonymous letter to the police department telling them where she is or make an anonymous call to the police tip line at 209-342-6166.

He looked at me and said, 'I was kinda hoping for infertility,'.

[The second story concerned a cement anchor police found in Peterson's warehouse. Rocha said Peterson explained that he] used to make cement anchors. ... He said, 'Well, I used the rest as cement for my driveway.'

Scott's just as worried as we are, he's sick at heart about what's happened to Laci, we are all looking for Laci, ... We're going to find you honey, we love you.

You killed my daughter, didn't you?