That was such an amazing effort. They had to put out their own money to get them there, ... kindertransports.

I just relocated here and to me there aren't enough stores. But I don't want to see it become Brick Township, either. As it is, I won't come here from Thursday to Sunday in the summer because of the traffic.

I couldn't have thought of anything better than this, I don't think I could have dreamed of anything better than this.

People are contacting me and I'm just letting them know about the contacts, mostly through online Web sites.

Some are very open-ended. You call and you make your own arrangement, ... The governor's is more of a screening process.

It's good clean fun for the kids.

I felt a lot of responsibility that it was up to us to make sure the excavation went very well and we didn't desecrate their memories.

It's not a big show, like some of the ones in Louisville. But, because it's small, it will be a great opportunity to talk to the vendors, and receive plenty of personal attention from them.

As we get the plan solidified, you're going to see things start happening. Some you will physically see, and some will be more subtle. The physical bricks and mortar takes longer, because it does cost money.