Of course now the fact that she said that to me that night affects me because it was her last night here on earth.

She had a lot of friends, both men and women. She was the kind of person that people were just drawn to. She was just beautiful and sweet.

The memorial is about a person, not a religion. We just wanted a place to where we could have a brick with her name on it, and other people could have a brick with their child's name. It almost serves as a reminder that our children existed.

When I saw an article about this Christmas Box Angel, I thought it was quite a beautiful thing to do in memory of anybody who's died.

I'm trying so hard not to take the things people say so personally. I only wanted this to be a positive thing and it makes me so sad that all of this is putting a dark shadow over that. I'm just a mom who lost a child that wants to do this.

How it is looked at and interpreted comes from one's own mind, and we cannot control how people think. If you want it to be a religious symbol, then you can see it as such.