Sharon Anderson
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"Sharon Scarrella Anderson" is an United States/American politician and a member of the Republican Party (United States)/Republican Party. She is a 1956 graduate of Central High School (Saint Paul, Minnesota)/Saint Paul Central High School and also attended the University of Minnesota.

Though not an Lawyer/attorney, Anderson has repeatedly sought the office of Minnesota Attorney General (1982, 86, 90, 94, 98, 2002, 06, 10 and 14). Despite a reputation for Eccentricity (behavior)/eccentricity, she registered as a candidate and won the Republican primary election for Attorney General in 1994, defeating the Republican-endorsed candidate, Tom Neuville. She subsequently lost in the general election to incumbent Skip Humphrey. She ran again in 2002 and lost in the primary. In 2006, she lost the Republican primary for the same office to Jeff Johnson (Minnesota politician)/Jeff Johnson, earning 42% of the vote to his 58%.

In 2009, she registered as a candidate to be mayor of Saint Paul, Minnesota/St. Paul, garnering only 3.87% of the vote in the September 15 primary.

In 2010 and 2014, she registered again as a Republican candidate to be Attorney General of Minnesota,

and lost again.

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It's like a happy hum when the kids are reading aloud to the dogs.

Now that's changed. I guess it's a miracle, and now it's safe to have sleep staff.

It's a real dilemma. We do not have the ability to serve all of the people that need the service.

People love their dogs like they love their children. You want your dogs to have fun like your kids.

This is a literacy program for beginning readers. It's a nonjudgmental situation for the child, and because the child is relaxed they are more open to learning.

We met last year and talked about the state requirements (on elementary and middle schools), and we all felt that it was a matter of time before High schools were involved in that.

You can't tell me the state can cut this money and that services aren't reduced. You can't say the savings is going to come off the administrative end. Because of (Medicaid) cost-containment in 2003-2004, administration was cut then. There's not a whole lot of administrative (cost) left.

Did they ever look at why the hours weren't used?

Then the state said, 'You're billing for services you don't provide,' and we went to 15-minute increments.