This game was a lot about pride. We didn't want it to be one-and-done.

She's one of the best players in the country. You look at her and think she's like 5-foot or 5-2, I can block her shot. But she's got a lot of heart. She can hit the 3 ... and she's so quick and she's got a great handle with the ball. She can drive inside the 3, and she's looking to pass too.

We are in one of the toughest conferences so it's not like we were expected to win all of them. And there are a lot of teams right in the same area, so it's not that bad.

I was trying to get the ball to Tiffany, but she was doubled down before I even got there.

They're not that big -- they have small posts just like we do.

It was surprising to me because [shooting free throws] is focus and concentration. And with all the hype going on today, our team showed that we can concentrate and we can focus through almost anything.

We need to focus on Tamara and Rene.

We didn't want it to be one-and-done. This whole tournament is to show that anything can happen. This is a whole new season, and we are coming out to show that we've gotten better.

We were kind of stagnant on offense and they were sagging off of me a little bit and it was making it difficult for our offense to run. So, I knew I had to take a couple of shots to get my teammates open and get them started.