We lost Internet and phone access and likely missed out on more than 5,000 additional orders due to Hurricane Wilma. Business owners should not make the same costly mistakes this hurricane season.

Last year we predicted it would be the fairies, and this year it will still be strong.

Obviously, Halloween is our busiest time of year. It's normally when we do our biggest volume of business. But once the storm hit we lost power. We used generators at our warehouse to run four FedEx computers to prepare shipments. We paid to upgrade all of our orders to Next Day FedEx delivery to get costumes to people in time for Halloween.

It's been a trend over the last few years, but it's just getting bigger and bigger. It's the clubbing, party-going crowd, and it gives people an excuse to dress up how they normally wouldn't.

Many families and groups are planning to dress up as the entire clan from Star Wars, as parents go trick or treating with their kids for safety reasons.