He had actually found the school on the internet. He had told me about it and I was really desperate to continue in this field. I looked it up on the internet and talked to my parents because it was my parents funding me in this situation at first.

A wrestler, who also worked there part-time, he had told me about it. I went to their gym and I watched training sessions. As soon as I was down there I had this electric urge. I was like 'I really want to do this.' I eventually did six months at that training facility.

The first day I got there it was a completely different experience. No one shot off any names to me that had been training at that school. The facility itself was much cleaner; it actually looked like a wrestling gym, opposed to someone just put up a backyard ring in a dirty, filthy basement.

They screwed me out of about two grand. It didn't matter because I already had caught the bug. It became the most abusive, passionate relationship and I've been addicted every since.

For me, my mom wasn't actually a big advocate of allowing me to watch wrestling. However, my uncle, he was a huge wrestling fan and he got pay per views every month so he always had me over at his house to watch. I was just completely infatuated with the athleticism.