I think they're fun and cool to watch!

We just have to back up our pitcher. Our pitcher does the best she can so we try to back her up the best that we can out on the field. It's a team thing.

We're already planning for 2006. So much work goes into the event and while it's over fairly quickly, it's an important event for Canadian breeders to showcase their breeding stock and their youngsters. They are, after all, our future sport horse competitors.

It was very important to me that they gave the gifts not only to the patients, but also to their siblings. When Zane was sick, our other children spent a lot of time there and it isn't always fun. I wanted to make sure that everyone could get a little gift and smile - if even for just a moment.

Because of the privacy laws, we were not able to give the gifts to the children directly.

I think I was grounded last night.