This kind of spring-like conditions are great for learning, because the snow is softer and slower.

Hosting the event isn't only huge for the resort, but huge for New Jersey. We had the best in the country completing here. Kass came from being pretty much out of it at seventh place to making the team.

We love the [natural] snow, but you live or die by the snowmaking. We're the East Coast, we're used to it.

Snow-making technology and the best December in memory has really made it fine for us. The snow is so dense that it insulates itself. [The warmer weather] is not having much of an effect except everyone doesn't have to wear big, bulky winter clothes.

Mountain Creek is not financially liable for the conduct of our patrons.

Mountain Creek is eager to catch the perpetrators and has proactively put security measures in place, including working directly with residents to catch those responsible.

There was no danger to the guests who were on the lift at the time. They were just delayed, really.

Midweek is always quiet, and in the pouring rain there wasn't too many people out. On any rainy day there's going to be fewer people doing any outdoor activity.

It would be impossible to search everyone who rides a lift. They've got layers of winter clothes on. But anyone carrying anything would have it confiscated.