I think it may seem confusing if you're not familiar with the process a government agency has to go through to utilize grant funding.

I just realized how much we love it here. The lake is our home. I really feel attached to this house. We're lifers.

We almost got them. We just ran out of gas. I think we're heading in the right direction, but their experience won over late. They've been there before. But, we played hard. I'm proud of them.

The pavilion itself could be the costliest part of renovation of this site.

So we're coming back with a new set of proposals and costs.

They were really skilled last year and weren't as skilled this year, but the real difference was they had two really good seniors that took over the game. Kelly Morrison really took the game over for them. We didn't have an answer for her.

This was actually one of the first. In fact, we were next door. That was a nice house, in our price range, with more square feet. But the layout didn't seem right. Marc looked outside, at this house, and said, 'What's that?' He saw the deck, which was a huge selling point. Marc has such a good eye for real estate. When I first saw this house, I didn't see the potential. But he did.

The door was constructed at the same time the perimeter fencing was done. We've just been held up on the remaining element here to finish the project.

We didn't really know what to expect when we came out here. We didn't have any real goals. This was more of a fun venture.