These relatively small acquisitions are in line with (HP's) recent printer-oriented purchase of Scitex Vision, which expanded (HP's) technology and product set but did not change the company's focus.

They are positioning themselves as the company that will connect video content to the end users and control your living room.

It sounds like they are positioning it more and more to be split up at some point in time. Whether or not they do it is still in question.

I really wanted to finish the season and finish it well to cap off my career here.

We believe digital health imaging margins will remain under pressure as doctors shift from printing X-rays to viewing on screen.

For all of us, it's been 10 or 15 years since we haven't had soccer every day, ... So we run into each other on campus, and we're like, 'what are we doing right now?'

I don't see a strategic buyer. It doesn't make sense for HP to buy Kodak.

They will be facing head winds of (component) pricing going up, but they've done a good job of managing margins last several quarters.