These are very serious claims being made.

To my knowledge, the only team that can reliably produce disease-specific and patient-specific human embryonic stem cells is the team in Korea.

Last week some of our defensive ends struggled. There were some plays, if they just would have stayed at home they would have made the play.

That is part of the problem. They say that they have dropped the name but they haven't really ? they continue to use it in the UK.

I haven't come across many players that are as well-rounded as him. If he were 6-4, 6-5, Duke would be over here looking at him.

Our foundation wants to be a founding partner of this world stem cell effort.

Their defensive front is impressive. We just need to execute and find our rhythm.

We're talking about six acres with mature trees. You just can't buy trees like that. The city is basically getting a multimillion-dollar chunk of land returned to it.

What makes him so special is that he's such a good person. He's just a great kid, and the people in Tallassee love him.