We played hard in our last district game. When you go to Catholic and get to double overtime that is good, but not getting a win never feels good. I am proud of the way they responded and how far they have come since day one this year.

Courtney Whatley committed a foul, but one of the referees signaled the foul on McKinley and he was told to sit down. The bad part was that one of them signaled the foul on Courtney and the other signaled it on Cedric, but they never conversed and we lost Cedric.

I hope we can still be playing Friday. But we have to beat some good teams to get there.

St. Paul was a good fundamental team. Every time we would get close, they would hit a three-pointer to widen their lead.

Cedric hit the game-tying three-pointer with four second left in regulation and that was huge.

I think playing without Courtney and Cedric in the Jay Tournament helped these guys realize they can play without them and when Cedric fouled out they were not worried.

They threw the ball the length of the court perfectly to their guy in between two of ours and the guy faked both our guys out, but he missed the open shot inside the box.

We will probably draw Catholic in the first round. And I have tried to remind my guys how hard it is to beat a team three times in one season, which is what they would have to do to get past us. No matter what, this season has been an improvement for this program.