I was real surprised how much we were able to disrupt them with our defense. That's (the Senators) a real good team over there.

It was a pretty physical, hard-fought game. By the fourth quarter they were a little worn down.

The difference in the game was the pressure our guards put on their guards. It looked like (the Senators) were having trouble getting into their offense.

Now that it's tournament time, we know we're not going to beat people by 30 or 40 points anymore. We know we have to play hard for the entire game.

We forced probably 20-25 turnovers, so we were playing good defense. We didn't give them many shots.

It was a good game for us heading into next week. Our starters all got 24, 25 minutes of good work in. But we also know that now it is tournament time and we're not going to continue to beat people by 30 or 40 points.

The transition was a little difficult at first. That was just because the girls had been doing the same things here for a lot of years and we made a few changes. We also played a tough non-league schedule and I think that has also helped us.

That's the way we've been all year. We've had nine different people lead us in scoring. It gets distributed pretty evenly.

Our guards put a lot of pressure on the ball. We pride ourselves in our defense and our girls have bought into it.