Our goal at BLOCKBUSTER Online is to see that our subscribers get their highest ranked movie selections as often as possible. Additionally, our subscribers receive one free in-store movie rental each week, so they can watch the DVDs they received through the mail or easily satisfy last-minute movie impulses with a trip to the nearest Blockbuster store.

Tax Day and National Humor Month are both in April. Coincidence? I think not. People deserve a good laugh when they've finished their taxes, and movies are a great way for taxpayers to take a break after crunching numbers.

It's the old beta versus VHS dilemma. There's no way to know how long it's going to take for the general market to decide which formats will ultimately prevail. So while this shakes out, we're just going to listen to our customers and make sure we give them the movies they want in the format they prefer -- whatever the technology.

The Super Bowl presented a great opportunity for us to reach an enormous audience with news of Blockbuster Online's expanded in-store benefits.

Men's and women's choices were quite different, but it's clear we all want a mom who's strong and supportive. Men, however, want mom to be prepared for anything. Even mercenary robots from the future.