I'm extremely proud of the effort our team gave just to get here. But I wish we could've been more competitive.

We knew (Green) was a good player, but we needed to keep a body on him. We wanted to push him out a little bit and make him go to the ball. He is a good player, but we didn't do our job on him like I wanted.

Our goal was to get their big guys tired so they couldn't score so much. That's about all we could do with them.

We had no answer for their size. No answer at all.

We talk about defense first. Offensively, we don't always look very good. But we have been working on plays since I got here, and they are slowly coming around.

We feed off each other. Both teams watch each other. When the girls play, it's hard to get the boys into the locker room to get ready because they want to see how the girls do.