Shane Battier
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"Shane Courtney Battier" is a retired American professional basketball player who last played for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has also been a member of the United States national basketball team/U.S. national team.

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It's just one of those games you play in late February. It was a slow, ugly, nasty, nasty game for a long time. ... You just can't turn the ball over 24 times and expect to beat the world champions.

We did as well as we could have with the group we've had the past few years. We hit a plateau. We just needed new blood.

Now we can enjoy this break and come back mentally refreshed. We have a very favorable schedule in the second half, so we're excited.

It didn't seem like either team wanted to take control of the game. We made a few shots and got a few stops in the second quarter, and that was the key for us.

They did a good job of using that as motivation. I think we let up a little bit and didn't take advantage of having their best player out of the game.

It was awesome. We've had a bunch of guys get real close, but to see him finally get it done is great.

Hubie treats Brendan just like every other coach. He yells at him just as much.

I thought we played good enough to win, but Elton willed them to victory.

Pau played a man's game tonight. That's what a franchise player does.