Shalrie Joseph
FameRank: 4

"Shalrie Jamal Joseph" is a Grenadian Association football/footballer.

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Everyone wants to go into the playoffs with momentum. You worry a little about getting injured, but we played together and wanted to collectively get our chemistry ready for the playoffs. We are in a good flow.

We are not going to sit back, even when we are on the road. We will keep doing what got us to the top of the Eastern Conference.

We have the home field, and we feel we can beat anybody in the Eastern or Western conferences. By next week we should have everybody back and [be] clicking on all cylinders.

The three of us have a great understanding and know what we are all doing. Clint is more of an attacking mid, Danny plays more stationary, organizing everything, and me, I can be all over the place and win balls.

Personally, it felt good -- to play against the best guys in the world, and having the opportunity to be seen on a bigger stage. It definitely was a great experience -- for me, and for MLS in general.

We were celebrating a little and they took it personally, and I don't know why. This game wasn't about soccer, it was about who wanted it the most. People were sliding all over the park. We wanted to have more possession in the second half but they defended well and we had to dig deep.

We didn't play our best, we didn't finish our chances, but this team never quits. We keep fighting to the end. We never give up until the final whistle blows.

The most important thing was Danny playing it quick. They were setting up to defend a set piece and they didn't have time to set up, so that caught them off guard.

It's very important that the new guys that come in can make an impact. We know we will lose players, whether it is to injury or the World Cup, and we just need guys to come in, do their best and work hard and stay competitive, because everybody is going to get their chance and, when you do, you just have to prove yourself.