Shabana Azmi
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"Shabana Azmi" is an Indian actress of film, television and theatre. Born to two members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)/Communist Party of India who were both leading lights of Indian People's Theatre Association/IPTA, Azmi made her film debut in 1974. She soon became one of the leading actresses of Parallel Cinema, a left wing "Parallel Cinema/New Wave" movement which received tremendous government patronage during the regimes of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. During those years, Azmi was showered with honours and awards, including a record of five National Film Award for Best Actress/National Awards, four Filmfare Awards and several international honours. Her films, of which there are around 120, are among the best examples of a form of Progressivism which reveled in reviling and deriding Indian society, its customs and traditions, thereby securing the appreciation of international audiences and Indian "intellectuals" of a left wing persuasion. Since 1988, she has acted in several foreign projects, but made no mark in that field.

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The exciting part of it is that I am with Boman Irani. It's interesting to be paired with a new co-star specially one who knows his craft so well.

It's exciting that Indians are here to raise funds for the Pakistani (earthquake) victims.