This is a very exciting day for the Phoenix Mercury and our fans. Paul's extensive experience in the professional game, as well as being an excellent communicator and accomplished teacher, will be a huge benefit to the Mercury organization as we strive to bring a championship to the city.

I'll have some conversations with him and kind of feel out where he has some interest or might not have any interest.

We were very high on her as a talent and person, but it just didn't work out. We couldn't get her into the rotation.

That got everyone's attention. They were already talented, but with their roster, they have to be considered the team to beat.

We certainly couldn't compete with that type of money. The economics of the WNBA would not allow for that type of deal.

Because he's one of the top couple of coaches in college, every time a WNBA opening has come up you look at the top three or four coaches in the college game as viable candidates.

We were not looking to do this the day after the season ended. We took some time to digest what happened and together made this decision.