I wanted her to do something healthy, and she ends up breaking her back.

My performance, it's nothing compared to what those guys did today. It's about them. Tonight those guys went out there and shined. I just tried to get them back up there as quick as I could.

I was disappointed to lose one like this. I felt like I was beating them. I thought we were beating them. ... It really got away from me quick.

It's my birthday, too. I'd like to talk to you more about the science of pitching.

The relationship with Toby has been big. You want to talk about a difference in my game, that's it. ... We sat down and figured some things out. It's experience, too. The more you pitch with each other, the more you trust people's decisions.

It's really nice to come down to the military base and show them our support. I have a lot of respect for people in the military. There aren't many jobs back home, so one of the options for a lot of us is to go into the military. It's very common for people back home to do that.

It's just a tough lineup to pitch to. I just couldn't believe they kept hitting the ball out. I mean, I can believe it because I saw it, but I just didn't think, when I threw those pitches, that was the result that was going to happen.

You're wearing that TB now, not that LA.

My intent was to criticize myself and my frustration with my inability to get the job done of late.