I just wanted to try and help the team out as much as possible. Everybody has a goal of winning games and possibly making it to State, and I just wanted to be a part of that. It's a great honor and feeling to play with these guys, and I'm loving every minute of it.

I like to read. I'm going to read my book.

I don't pay attention to where I'm ranked. I just go out there and play, and just try to help my team and not mess up.

We're going to let them know he's 5, not 105. We weren't sure to check the box he's over 70 or not 18 yet.

We spread it around pretty well and the defense was strong, too. The good balance was nice to see.

I really want to get stronger. I also need to work on my shooting ability. ...I want to become automatic.

I would've been caught and somebody would have helped me.

We don't think they have the athleticism to stay with us. But we know we have to go out and play like we can. If we come out and play our game, we're confident that we'll do well.

I wish I would have been caught right away when I was younger.