Sergei Samsonov
FameRank: 4

"Sergei Viktorovich Samsonov" is a Russian professional ice hockey forward (hockey)/forward that is currently an unrestricted free agent.

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There's still a little bit of pain, it's still kind of there. But it's good enough to practice and play. Hopefully it will just fade away now over the next couple of weeks.

I didn't start on time. I am getting out there, but it's going to be slow. I'm not going to get on the ice and kill myself.

We have a lot of big, strong guys who used to make plays when people were hooking, and now, look at Joe (Thornton). He gets the puck in the neutral zone and no one can stop him. We have a lot of offensive guys on our team who thrive on that, and hopefully it's going to play right into our hands.

It seems like the chemistry is not there for a whole game. You'll see sparks here and there, but it seems like we're just not on track now for some reason. Don't forget we have a brand new team. Don't forget that all the lines are playing together for the first time. It might take some time. That's part of it.

I definitely would like to stay here. I like the city, I've played on this team for a long while and I've got a lot of friends here. It would make sense to stay here. . . . We talked a few times about a long-term deal, but it just never got off the ground. We left on pretty good terms. The door is still open.

I got my letter from them on Thursday. They're not telling us we're on the team, but they've told us and they've told the Bruins that we're under consideration.

We're at this point right now where we have to get it going. There's nothing really than can discourage us anymore. We're a desperate team, and I think we kind of showed that desperation.

He's definitely a talented guy. Right now, he's been put in a tough situation. He's shown a lot in his first couple of games but there's so much pressure on our team right now. He's had to step in and play well right away and I think he'd done that. He's got a lot of skill, he's a pretty fast guy and he has a lot of hockey sense.

The back is a lot better, almost non-existent. Kind of what we're looking at right now is making sure it doesn't come back. It's gotten a lot better, and we don't want to push it to the point where we might tax it.