We are very concerned about the deteriorating situation in Iraq. We are positive that starting a dialogue to promote national reconciliation and peace is the most important thing at the moment.

The deadlines outlined in the proposed draft are quite categorical and provide a foundation for sanctions against Iran. We consider it all premature.

I doubt we would accept (a proposal) taken behind our back and then presented to us as the only outcome possible.

The way it was done suggests that there is a political subtext to this, and that this could be linked with the situation in Iraq.

My colleague gave assurances that cooperation [with the commission] would continue.

Any ideas about a coercive, forceful solution to the issue are highly counter-productive and cannot be supported.

Before we call any situation a threat, we need facts, especially in a region like the Middle East where so many things are happening.

The draft includes points that effectively lay the groundwork for sanctions against Iran. We will hardly be able to support this version.

We are expecting to have results in the near future.