Even Republicans will tell you he was their favorite because they knew where he stood. His word was good, and he was smart enough that he could negotiate with you and cut a deal.

We'll have to shave down some requests. But we're really not too far from wrapping it up.

We're in a very different world now. We demand accountability for spending. ... We should look and demand accountability for every one of these tax breaks — of which there are many in this budget.

How can we avoid it?

I want to thank all of you. One of the things people forget is that women my age are not in their prime.

We'll have a better police presence where we have problems now. I think having the presence of a city helps. Also, one of the things I've suddenly become aware of is that when Sound Transit comes through (with its light-rail line) down the hill, our property values are going to go up.

Sure, it's essential I believe because it is one of these economic stimulants. There are so many areas in our state that we ought to be able to promote. I think they probably haven't come at us with much oomph either or it's been the same old message, but I've always been very receptive to the whole idea of tourism.

The issue had been ridiculed in the local papers and I thought, wait a minute - this is a serious issue.