The pressure is there because there's been benign neglect. We know it's decaying. We know it's not safe.

I want people to get their questions answered. It is vital that eligible seniors get answers and choose the plan that best fits their needs.

We all want to support children and children's health-insurance programs. But not knowing what the terms and conditions are causes us concern.

Hooley may be popular in my district but so am I. And Hooley doesn't live in the district, and I do. If you look at my opponent, he lives in Polk County, where 28 percent of the voters are, and my district where I live is 72 percent.

The word hasn't gotten out. People need to know that help exists.

What it says is that they are making efforts to change and diversify.

I can only think about a regular family, and a husband whose life was in danger all the time, and there was still a sense of grace about her through all that. You couldn't help but admire her.

Continue looking at that whole concept of the fox watching the henhouse.

I think he can do a lot more work there.