"Sean Michael-Eli Singletary" is an American professional basketball player.

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We just fell down mentally. We just caved in.

We didn't come into this game with a lot of energy but we were able to regain our focus and execute a little bit.

We had multiple chances to take control of the game, but we just didn't do it. Bottom line, we didn't deserve to win.

We are just going to have to turn a page and fix things in practice. We've got a special group of guys and we're not selfish at all. We're going to come together and turn it around. I think we'll see [Duke] again, maybe in a tournament or something.

It's on our shoulders, the scoring. We didn't really keep up our end of the bargain, I don't think. We gotta put all the responsibility on our shoulders, because we're the captains. We're the leaders. We're the most talented players on the team, and that's what we've chosen to do from day one. It would be nice to have more production, but we can't expect that.

I feel I got a decent look at it. It just didn't go in, but there are a lot of little things during the game we didn't do that was the deciding factor.

It doesn't surprise us, because we know we've been working. If you've been putting the work in and doing the extra stuff, the results should be positive.

I always like being presented with a challenge and seeing what I can do against those type of guys.

They were more disciplined than us. They had more focus on the task at hand.