Sean Salisbury
FameRank: 4

"Richard Sean Salisbury" is an American football analyst, former National Football League/NFL and Canadian Football League/CFL quarterback, and actor.

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I'm at my wit's end with him.

I don't know what people see in Denver. They'll be battling the Raiders for the last slot in their division. I don't see greatness at all.

He makes some poor decisions. When you're trying to be a starter after being a backup, you just can't make mental mistakes. You make decisions that put you in a bind.

Who do you pick to stop?

Would I have spent a second-round pick on him? Absolutely not, ... To me, if your future's based on A.J. at this point, it's probably a wrong idea.

When I first saw Adam play pick-up basketball, I knew he had game. It made my job easy.

The quarterback position is like a soap opera. You and I could have watched a certain soap opera in 1990, and you and I could be watching it over a beer in 2005, and it will be the same qualities, the same story, the same everything, except that the hairstyles have changed.

It's probably going to take A.J. playing somewhere else to get a fresh start to see what happens, like Rich did.

Sure it's confusing. You can talk about 27 different scenarios, but by the time you're done you've forgotten the first one.