Sean Rooney
FameRank: 4

"Sean Michael Rooney" is an United States/American volleyball player, a member of United States men's national volleyball team/American national team, a gold medalist of the Olympic Games 2008 Summer Olympics/Beijing 2008 and FIVB Volleyball World League/FIVB World League (2008 FIVB Volleyball World League/2008, 2014 FIVB Volleyball World League/2014).

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This is highest number we've ever seen in such a small area.

It is hard to turn away from the tremendous opportunities in Venezuela, ... The Venezuelans can and will be extracting higher rents, and we expect, and accept, that.

We had been speaking about a 51 percent to 49 percent split, but we're open to discussing any percentage.

We're looking at a transitory period in which things are a little bit tense, but if we get through this, we'll be in a much better place. I believe there is a role for private oil companies here, and that the government believes there is a role for us here.

I am humbled by these supporters. Indoor volleyball is much more popular here than in the U.S. It's good to see fans show commitment.

Pro-active in approaching the government to talk about converting our operating agreement to a joint venture because we felt it was the right thing to do.

We didn't expect a change to existing contracts but we do expect that governments will adapt their terms to the ... oil price reality ? not just here but all around the world. That's not a surprise.

We've been in Venezuela for 90 years, and we'll be here another 90 years.