It was something that was completely unexpected, and he's just enjoying each day as it goes by, and he's very, very happy right now.

It's been a prickly relationship over the years because we know all too well how to get each other's goat, but we've developed a very easy partnership.

I don't [know] if it could enhance his career because he's already the best in the business for the most part, and I don't think he's set his sights on any other business, I don't think, again, it would be that much of a plus.

His reputation precedes him, as it is won't to do for shady characters. But this year, I've found him remarkably relaxed. I guess he's mellowing now that he's nearing 40.

You can see the photos are great. It's absolutely beautiful. She looks drop-dead gorgeous. He looks incredible.

Last year I'd have to say he was the highest-earning male model in the business and I don't see it curtailing anytime soon.