He never lingered. He'd just walk in a room and ? bang. That was the signal for all work to stop because he never did that for frivolous reasons.

The time it has taken me to present this testimony is about the same amount of time that transpired between when mission control first notice anomalies in temperature measurements and the accident, ... I just paused for a few seconds, that is the same amount of time that transpired from mission controls last communication with the crew and our loss of signal with the heroic Columbia astronauts.

It was always crisp, to the point ? 'Here's the issue. What do you think of this? Where do we go from here? I need your opinion so I can make sure the secretary has all the views,'.

It was considered a piece of space junk 10 years ago. Human intervention was needed to fix the telescope.

This is a work in process, ... Any transformation is evolutionary.

This is a big night for NASA. We're back.

Does not wish to make a comment on it. He was not named in the investigation.

We had no indications that would suggest a compromise to flight safety.

We're starting with the opportunity to look at every single possibility of what could have gone wrong.