The thing the public needs to know is that he can never please everybody. Look at him, he has a foundation, he gives money away, and still people get mad at him.

I wear a hat. I don't look good in a visor.

Everyone has worked their tails off. And that's why they're here.

It's been a dream come true. My wife and I putting our last pennies together and doing it ourselves ... that's the most satisfying thing. Basically, we started from zero, and we've turned this into something.

This is a sneaky top golf course. You really have to play a great round to break away from the pack. It brings out the most consistent player. It's not a course that lets out a 62 unless someone plays awesome.

I was expecting a good player, but not a seasoned player. She seems like she's been doing this a while.

I'd like to tap down spike marks. We get to fix our ball marks, and spike marks are holes, too, so I don't know what's the big deal.

He's quick, no doubt. But I wanted to play with him for a couple of reasons. He's a nice guy, he's fun to be around, and he's a tremendous player, obviously.

Last year, I was getting ready for the second stage of Q-school.