Increasingly, with an RFP, if you have any questions or comments, they have to be made to a single person, and faxed to them in writing. You'd be thrown out of the competition for doing it by phone.

I have a good relationship with my employees. My guys are just honest and hardworking.

We had a little flood sale, and I think that everything is picking up here at the mall now, so things are getting back to normal.

Forget corporations--for NGOs, for whom an important part of their revenue is government money, the cost is tremendous. When we talk about cleaning up the procurement system, it's very important that you don't create an environment in which it simply isn't worth it to try to work with the government.

I have a stomach-churning feeling that that six-run lead could prove vital. Here we go again.

We will stay on as long as we can during a hurricane ? we now have two generators working for the station and the tower in Lake Harbor. We know a lot of what we did came after the actual storm last year, with information like what's open, etc., and we will do that again this year.