In B.C., Dave Dickenson has the ability to make others around him look good. He's not the most agile guy but agile enough. He knows where he's trying to go [with the football] and only needs a few steps [to elude a pass rush].

Cavil is a pretty clutch receiver. He goes up and comes down with the football and that's the bottom line. You want to have someone you can rely on.

This is something I've been thinking about for a long time. It was time to do it.

It's that weird balance. We've always thrown the ball here but now we've got the option not to throw the ball. By doing so, it makes throwing that much more effective.

I don't think we're all of a sudden going to magically overturn years of how things have been done here, ... But I think management and coaches are seeing we have some more options now.

I think Edmonton will be a great test to see where [the Lions] are at. Edmonton is probably the other team that has the same sort of potential as B.C. to put up points and control the ball, combined with a great defence.