I would much rather take a little extra time to make sure we do it right.

I think we can invigorate the place, just like we did at CBS Sports eight years ago.

We can spend whatever we want to acquire rights. But at a minimum, we have to make $1 on the deal.

I would have liked more close games, obviously. We switched around a lot. It was a clean, good start. I hope we get better games tonight and I'm hoping with the marquee teams we have tomorrow and going into the weekend, we'll have closer action on the court.

I know that covering a Super Bowl is not the same as covering a convention or an election, but I think there are probably more similarities than there are differences.

For us, sports is a very challenging but successful business.

I'm pretty good at doing Super Bowls and Final Fours, ... I understand those are different from elections or conventions, but there are more similarities than differences. I pride myself on really good storytelling. We do a lot of really good reporting, although the subject matter may be different, steroids or coaching changes.

It's not acceptable to be No. 3. I'm not going to rest easily until we improve both the quality and the ratings of all our shows.

I'm a very competitive person. . . . I'm not going to sleep well until we're out of third place.