That was a breakthrough race for Steven. It was a direct result of the consistent miles he has put in over the past two years.

Jon, as a sophomore, had his best race of the season. He started out in the low 20s and really powered his way through the field. His finish was huge for us today.

Zach had a great race for us as he mixed in with some of the top runners in the state.

We had a little larger gap between our No. 1 and No. 5 men today, but how can you argue with the places we got in a 56-man field? The grouping of our top four really put us over the top today as they were able to push each other to top 10 spots. That type of depth really makes a team strong.

Obviously we are happy to start the season out with a win. We were very pleased with the five-man span time of 1:02, ... That is definitely something that we need to continue working on as the season goes on. The guys understand that our team's success is based on their pack running, which was evident during the early going of the race.

Mitch and Nate did a nice job of displacing a number of other team's top five runners which often times goes unnoticed, but is crucial in the final outcome.