Sean Maher
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"Sean Maher" is an United States/American actor, best known for his role as List of Firefly characters#Simon Tam/Simon Tam in the science fiction television series Firefly (TV series)/Firefly and follow-up movie Serenity (film)/Serenity.

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It always takes a moment for me to process something like that, ... I think I'm prepared for it, but it's like receiving a really generous compliment that leaves you at a loss for words.

But now I feel like Firefly and Serenity are their own genre. It's not science-fiction so much as it's about humanity and characters and dynamics between people.

Simon's almost naive in a sense. They live in a world where people have to be selfish and fight for themselves. In that regard, he's toughened up by the crew.

I think that's when everybody's mood changed from knowing this was just an accident to knowing it was beyond that, and you just go into autopilot and you just do what you've got to do.

We all at the time thought it was a small Cessna something that was doing a tour.

Watching (the film) with them is really this incredible experience. They are so familiar with the characters and the tone, you could hear a pin drop at some points in the movie.