It's just a lackadaisical mentality -- coming out and not being solid on the offensive end and defensively not digging down and making stops. We let a team we should have beaten handily stay close with us.

I don't think our confidence should have dropped, but it has because of the way we've been beaten on the road. We're a good team, and a great team here in Assembly Hall. It's going to be a war.

(We had) just a lack of focus from the beginning. That will kill you in any game.

We're on the brink of being a very good basketball team, but a very good basketball team wins road games, and they just don't win at home.

It's being lackadaisical – from the tip – is what it is. Even at home we've done it. We've spotted teams huge leads, and it seems like it takes us four or five minutes before we think the game begins. We've gotten away with it at home, but teams don't allow you to do that on the road.

I'm not sure he was given a fair shot from a fan standpoint.

It's a lot tougher on the road, which we found out at Michigan State.

We have to be clicking on all cylinders, and that's our game, is making three-pointers, with our spacing and Marco inside. We have to make threes to be in this game. It's got to be a defensive lockdown, make your outside shots, and Marco has to make plays for us.

We need a road win. Road wins are huge. Every win is huge in the Big Ten. It makes this game more important because we have not had a good showing on the road, and we need to prove ourselves if we want to win the Big Ten.