We had trouble with their match-up zone. And not having Julius for much of the game really hurt our offense.

We did not have enough effort at the defensive end of the floor in the first half. We did a better job in the second half. We had to do a better job defensively. They were rotating and their kids were running hard through the screens. (Nolan) does a nice job running their sets.

We have guys who have been in district and state games before, and that will help us.

Tory's work was especially important because so few people who are suffering physically as much as she was are able to communicate with the outside world the way she did. She had sort of a preternatural drive to communicate the extent of her physical suffering.

The kids really wanted to win this game for themselves. Their defense has improved from the beginning until now -- and that?s the key. We wanted to defend them and defend them well.

They have some very competent guards and they love to run screen and rolls. So we will have to be ready for that. This will be a very tough game.

It is always tough to beat a team three times in one season. We are very familiar with them.

I?m hoping it was just a scare. But we are not the type of team we were last year in that we are not going to go on these big runs. We are going to be in tight games that are going to be battles.