It would be a black eye if we got a negative report after being accredited for 10 years.

I don't know if it's really that much of an advantage.

The real hardship here is that it will take at least three years before Pete will get his day before the legislature. How is he going to survive that long, working and caring for the children without his wife?

We'll be looking into traffic studies and the planning of the roadway. This was a horrific incident.

For me, a journey is about everything. It's about fun, learning. We have all of these animals that have a story to tell. I'd like this zoo to be a short journey around the world.

With our height we don't want to play too much of a half-court game against a bigger team. We don't know a lot about Sacramento Adventist so we've had to prepare for everything, which is a little frustrating. We're definitely not taking them lightly.

We're real excited about the possibility of playing at home. That was one of big goals all season.