It was a matter of converting some plays at the end. Too bad, because the girls really fought hard in the second half. It gives us a look at where we can be if we play that aggressively offensively and with a lot of passion defensively like we did in the second half.

They did a good job. I'm really proud of the way we came back and played. But we have to carry that into all four quarters. That will be really important for us.

Everywhere else, like our defense, the girls worked really hard defensively again. They kept it a low scoring game.

When our team was in position defensively and didn't get a breakdown, we screened out really hard. The kids were fighting for rebounds at that end. The Wolves did a really good job in the press. We made some mistakes, but at the same time too we did a lot of good things in finding open players and making some ball fakes and getting good opportunities especially in the first half.

It was a matter of making good shots. We got good shots and they were a little short tonight.

The girls fought back hard but they just ran out of time.

There was a point in the game where they exploded. We couldn't get back into it.

The tough thing about it was in the fourth quarter when they made big shots we couldn't answer. The only place we were lacking a little bit tonight was our shooting.

It was a good effort. Their attitudes have been really great. They have to come back and work harder in practice. I'm sure it's a little frustrating. They've been so close so many times. They need to get over the edge.