I don?t know if it was a mental lapse. It?s just that they came out hard. We expected it, but we still let it happen. Give them credit.

I had no idea there was any speculation whatsoever. None of the Wisconsin players complained afterward, so I didn't know what they were talking about. I had no idea it was off.

When we came out and saw the entire crowd, it was absolutely packed, and it was an amazing site to walk out to that.

It's a great honor considering I had no idea what to expect coming into this league. I was fortunate enough to play on a talented team. Now, we want to play a little longer.

Obviously we knew we were going to be playing a lot so we had to keep our shifts short. It's tough to jump up into a play and get involved in the offense because you just can't expend too much energy.

It was amazing. You grow up playing outside and then to come here and see the crowd, it was an amazing sight to walk out to that.

You grow up playing outside as a young kid, to be able to play a game outside in front of that many fans, at Lambeau Field especially, it was an amazing experience.