I'll usually sit down with my two boys to watch hockey and, unfortunately, it was kind of an empty spot in our plans to do stuff together. I'm really excited that the season is back and I'm glad they made some of the changes they did.

The sexual abuse of children by priests is an especially grave and repugnant evil, ... It is a scandal which has evoked entirely justified outrage. The sexual abuse of children by priests is totally in conflict with the church's mission and with Christ's compassion and care for the young.

This was perhaps, among other things, an acknowledgement of the role played by Ministers of the Word of God in creating the conditions for reconciliation and peace. It attests to the power of the Word, under the action of the Holy Spirit, to make all things new.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to scout them, but I called all over the place. We just worked the ball up the court, and did a great job.

It is gratifying to note how scriptural words like justice, peace, forgiveness have become the lingua franca of the peace process.

We believe that the poorest nations of the world continue to look to Ireland to set the global standard for commitment to development aid, ... We also believe that there is a substantial support among the Irish people for a compelling and world-leading target, which will express their commitment to a more just and compassionate world.

I hope that calm will be restored to these communities by community leaders engaging in constructive talks.

We know we have a battle on our hands. We feel like we're the underdogs. It's going to take one of our best games to beat Gulf.

In marking the establishment of our churches and parishes, we are not just commemorating long past events, we are celebrating the living faith which inspired those actions, and which continues to inspire, guide and sustain us today.