I stepped up. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing that I can be right there with the No. 2 one day.

I feel comfortable because I've been waiting for this. I wasn't relaxed in those final games, but I have to get used to this. I have to realize now that I'm on a stage.

I was pretty nervous in the first set. I was excited (to win) but I know that this is only the first round.

After the second set, I felt like I had good momentum going into the third set. But he made adjustments in the third set. He made me play every point.

This is big. I'm excited but I can't be too excited because I have another match to go tomorrow.

I find out that I'm going to play a player that's totally different from him. I always wanted to play him as a kid. I'm hoping I get another chance.

I loved the crowd here both days. And I feel I have momentum going into the Open. I played two great players here. And I will face even tougher people at the Open.