It's things you can't coach. You can try to take credit as a coach and say, 'Yeah, I coached him those moves,' but we'd all know that'd be a lie. That's just some God-given athletic ability, and he puts it to good use.

Got his bell rung. Give Davie credit for knocking him out of the game for a while.

I was anxious all night. I wouldn't mind coaching in a game like that every Friday except it would shorten my life by a considerable number of years.

Lamont had a fantastic game.

I said it would come down to mistakes, and I guess I had it scouted out pretty good. Maybe they made one more than we did.

It wasn't pretty with all the turnovers. But with two defenses like that, it's bound to get ugly at times. Give credit to the offenses, too, because they were able to make a few plays and score some points.

He's just been good for us.

Huge. County championship. Oughtta be another big one.

Both of 'em are juniors, and both of 'em kind of wreaked havoc against Davie.